Text-Based Multiplayer Shooter is exactly what it sounds like

Blind fire!

With retro demakes like the Borderland browser game and Soundless Mountain 2 making the rounds, it was only a matter of time before someone tried making a text-based multiplayer shooter. Developer Eigen Lenk has done just that and it's a surprisingly entertaining curio.


Don't forget to spawn.

While it seemingly relies on archaic technology from the 70s, Text-Based Multiplayer Shooter is a bit more advanced than that as it merges the common text adventure with online capabilities and real-time combat.

Yes, everything that happens occurs on the fly. You'll have to quickly type commands like "turn south," "go east," "fire," and "reload." Importantly, you can even pull up a map made of hashtags with a triangle dictating your position. You can only see your position, however, and must manually type in look to see if there's anyone in front of you.

It's basically a real-time game of battleship then, but with multiple players duking it out. Text-Based Multiplayer Shooter is an amusing novelty at any rate and the whole thing is presented on an arcane in-game computer screen for extra nostalgia value.

Check it out for free here.

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