Podcast #122: 1986-1992 A History

Two old men alone with their memories.

Ah, the past. Do you remember that? No, not that bit, the bit slightly before that - when ice lollies had jokes on the stick and people used phone boxes to make phone calls rather than taking drugs and urinating.

It was great. It had those things, the ones which were much better than the ones we've got now - they were good. What happened to those? I bet they still make them somewhere. Brilliant.

Also, there were some games. Games made entirely of squares and only the colours available to the most basic of Crayola fun-packs. Games which came on wax cylinders packed into crates delivered by carriage. Games with names like Fat Worm Blows a Sparky, Penetrator and, wouldyouadamandeveit, Battlefield. Mostly, they were a bit crap, but sometimes, they were, in the parlance of the day, ACES.

We, being the elderly but well-meaning funsters which we are, played them incessantly, permanently crippling our vision and our expectation of what life may have to offer us when we grew up. Hard lessons but great times, so we thought you'd like to hear about them, in a handy podcast format.

So, dear listener, fetch yourself a fizzy pop from the pantry and settle down next to your gramophone for a fuzzy, ill-remember glimpse into the cobwebbed memories of two ageing gamers and the 8-bit horrors which dwell within. This is our story.

Spoilers: The C64 was rubbish, Speccy forever. Podcast #122 video

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