Free sadistic platformer I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden is out now

Bob Flanagan ain't got nothing on this guy.

Free indie platformer I Wanna Be the Guy is notorious for being one of the most challenging games ever created and now its sequel I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden is available for free from indie developer Kayin for PC.

The series is a throwback to 8-bit gaming comprised of licensed characters and scenery from classic 80s titles.

Most gamers are probably familiar with protagonist The Kid - he who wants to be The Guy - from his role in Super Meat Boy's most torturous bonus stages.

This sequel is a side story featuring The Lad as he searches for The Kid. Why? "Who cares?" said Kayin on his blog. "It's a three stage episodic bite of new IWBTG action."

The game features gamepad support, configurable controls, as well as time trial leaderboards and trophies available only through Gamejolt.

New to the series is a bionic arm for extra swinging action.

I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden premiered last week at gaming tournament EVO, where competitive gamer Floe subjected himself to it for several hours. Witness the inhumanity below in his playthrough [skip to the 16 minute mark where the actual gameplay footage begins].

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