WOW Leeroy Jenkins moment re-imagined as short film

In a modern day city, a bank robbery is about to go down.

The infamous Leeroy Jenkins moment, born in World of Warcraft but spread far beyond, has been re-imagined as a modern day short film.

Jenkins has been transformed as a member of a modern-day organised crime gang that is moments away from robbing a bank.

The plans are intricate and the go-signal imminent. But when someone asks Leeroy Jenkins for a hot dog - unwittingly testing his guise of hot dog seller - things start going wrong.


Leeroy Jenkins was immortalised in the World of Warcraft The Trading Card Game.

The rest we'll leave for the video embedded below.

The Leeroy Jenkins short film is a part of the Worldwide Short Film Festival. The slogan declares that, "Anyone can upload. Few can Act/Direct/Write/Edit."

The video was conceived by agency Doug & Serge.

The original Leeroy Jenkins video - captured footage from World of Warcraft - has had nearly 31 million views.

Leeroy Jenkins was the name of a World of Warcraft player character who ignored fellow raiders and charged idiotically into a room of dragon eggs and got everyone killed.

His voice-comm battle cry of "Leeeeeeeeeroyyyyyy Jenkins" went on to become the stuff of legend.

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