Sony confirms PS Vita 1st Party digital only game prices

Escape Plan! MotorStorm RC! Super Stardust! More!

Sony has confirmed the UK pricing for first-party digital-only PlayStation Vita games.

Five games have been readied for digital release by Sony in time for Vita's 22nd February launch.

Here's the list and price:

  • Escape Plan: 9.99
  • Top Darts: 6.49
  • Hustle Kings: 6.49
  • Super Stardust: Delta: 6.49
  • MotorStorm RC: 4.79

Escape Plan is an eye-catching, stylised side-scrolling platform puzzle game. Top Darts does exactly what it says on the tin. Hustle Kings is a 3D pool sim. Super Stardust: Delta is the latest in Housemarque's popular arcade shooter series, and MotorStorm RC is a Micro Machines-esque version of the PlayStation-exclusive off-road rally game.

You can access the PlayStation Store direct from the Vita to download these games.

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