Cursed Crusade release date confirmed

Not affected by US delay.

Medieval hack-and-slash The Cursed Crusade will arrive in the UK on 7th October for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Eurogamer can reveal.

The game's European release goes unscathed following a last-minute delay in North America. The Cursed Crusade (the condemned conflict?) will launch there two weeks later, on 25th October.

The Cursed Crusade casts gamers as doomed Templar knight Denz de Bayle.

The eponymous jinx embues de Bayle with super strength, at the price of condemnation to hell should he perish.

John Bedford previewed The Cursed Crusade for Eurogamer in spring. "There's an intriguing concept at its heart," he wrote, "but there's a long road to be travelled from the game in its current state to one that's fit for an audience already spoiled for choice when it comes to violent action titles."

The Cursed Crusade in co-op.

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