Ofcom complaints after ITV ArmA mixup

Will ITV be forced to pay an ArmA leg?

UK TV regulator Ofcom has recieved 25 complaints after an ITV documentary mistakenly labelled footage from video game ArmA 2 as a 1988 IRA terrorist attack.

Ofcom is currently "assessing the situation" in response to the objections, reports media news site

Ofcom told Eurogamer it was still deciding whether to investigate further, and was therefore unable to comment on what the "possible consequences" - if any - might be.

ITV has already apologised over the incident, which it blamed on "an unfortunate case of human error".

The documentary, Exposure: Gaddafi, was pulled from ITV's online catch-up service ITV Player. An updated version with the correct footage will be uploaded in the coming days.

ArmA 2 footage. Not the IRA.

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