EA announces new Theme Park for iOS

Bullfrog classic goes free-to-play.

A new version of Peter Molyneux's vintage resource management sim Theme Park is in the works for iOS devices, EA has announced.

According to DigitalSpy, it's a completely new version of the 1994 Bullfrog original built in a 3D engine.

It'll be a free app but you'll be able to buy additional in-game currency to give you faster access to new items, attractions and land plots.

Apparently you can expect to see touch-based mini-games amidst all the menu surfing, rides based on other EA franchises such as Dead Space and Mass Effect, and a cloud storage save option through EA's Origin set-up.

The universal app is due out before the end of the year.

The last we saw of the series was a solid DS port of the original back in 2007.


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