Hulk Hogan's Main Event coming to Kinect

Motion-controlled grapplefest from Majesco.

Hulk Hogan's Main Event, a Kinect-controlled wrestling title, is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 this Autumn, publisher Majesco has announced.

Developed by Attack of the Movies studio Panic Button Games, you'll be attempting to mimic the moustachioed '90s icon's most famous poses and combos in your living room.

There'll be nine different venues to scrap it out in, plenty of objects to belt your opponent about the skull with and a full set of character customisation options.

"Listen up, people! You will feel the power of Hulkamania when you step into this game," promised Hogan.

"Whether you are taking the damage or selling the pain, this game will let you unleash your inner wrestler as you hype up the crowd while putting the hurt on anyone that stands in your way!"

"Partnering with the Hulkster for Hulk Hogan's Main Event is a dream come true," added Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton, "and we're looking forward to releasing a no holds barred motion-based experience that offers a full suite of over-the-top moves."

Best check your home insurance coverage before you get stuck into this one.

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