Eutechnyx to explore region free NASCAR

So UK gamers can play it.

Publishing behemoth Activision won't release NASCAR 2011 in the UK, but developer Eutechnyx has offered fans a glimmer of hope that they may one day play the game.

How so? By making NASCAR 2011 region free.

"Ultimately, as the distributor, Activision make the call on which territory the game will be released in," Eutechnyx's NASCAR product manager Gregg Baker told Eurogamer.

"However, as a developer we can try and ensure that those wishing to purchase the game outside of the US are still given the opportunity.

"We will look into making sure there is no region locking on the game so fans can import the game and if the demand is high enough we may even look into the possibility of distributing the game ourselves in the UK."

PlayStation 3 games are not region locked, but Xbox 360 and Wii games often are.

Still, there is a long list of region free PAL Xbox 360 games, including some published by Activision (Call of Duty: Black Ops among them), so a multiplatform region free release is not without precedent.

You'd also have thought Activision would have something to say about any plan Eutechnyx had to distribute the game in the UK. Not so: Activision is a distribution partner only for NASCAR 2011. Eutechnyx owns the NASCAR licence.

Earlier today it emerged that Activision had cancelled NASCAR 2011's projected UK March release.

However, Eurogamer understands the game was never announced for release on these shores despite the assumption by gamers and press that it would be.

Eurogamer has requested comment from Activision on the matter.

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