Get Games' 12 Days of Christmas!

Today: 25% off Football Manager 2011.

Yo ho ho! Deck the halls with red hot bargains! It's Christmas next week, and our friends at Get Games have decided to celebrate by doing a series of special festive promotions giving you as much as 75 per cent off some amazing PC games between now and Boxing Day.

Get Games is the digital download service by the people behind Eurogamer, stocking games from the likes of SEGA, Square Enix, 2K and Ubisoft at bargain prices. Whenever they have an offer we reckon is too good to refuse, we try to bring it to your attention.

These festive specials certainly qualify, but you'll need to have your wits about you to take advantage, because each offer is valid for just 24 hours. We'll be listing them here each day of the promotion. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the Get Games Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

All you have to do to take advantage of a special offer is visit the page for that bundle and use the special code listed below to take advantage...

  • 14th December 5pm For 50% off the Empire: Total War / Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition bundle, use the code "partridge"
  • 15th December 5pm For 75% off the bundle of Deus Ex: GOTY, Hitman: Blood Money and Thief: Deadly Shadows, use the code "turtledoves"
  • 16th December 5pm For 50% off BioShock 2, use the code "frenchhens"
  • 17th December 5pm For 75% off King's Bounty: Platinum Edition, use the code "collybirds"

  • 20th December 5pm For 50% off R.U.S.E., use the code "goldrings"
  • 21st December 5pm For 50% off Dogfighter plus Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter plus Zombie Shooter 2, use the code "geese"
  • 22nd December 5pm For 50% off the Broken Sword Trilogy plus Blue Toad Murder Files, use the code "swans"
  • 23rd December 5pm For 66% off Tropico 3, TOM CHAMPION'S FAVOURITE GAME, use the code "maids"
  • 24th December 5pm For 50% off the bundle of Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed II Deluxe, use the code "ladies"
  • 25th December 5pm For 25% off Football Manager 2011, use the code "lords"

And yes, that is 10 days of Christmas rather than 12. That's because we're based in Europe and use the metric system. Don't argue with progress.

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