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Tickets for Eurogamer Expo 2013 on sale now

Early Bird discounts available. Plus: Virgin Media now sponsoring all our events.

Aaaand we're back! The Eurogamer Expo returns to London's Earls Court from 26th-29th September 2013 for four days of hands-on gaming, developer sessions, tournaments, competitions, parties and community meets - and tickets are on sale now.

What's more, we're pleased to announce that Virgin Media has renewed and extended its partnership to cover all our events - the Eurogamer Expo, Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show (yes, it's coming back too) and GameHorizon. Last year Virgin Media ran the 100-Day Game Project, supporting grassroots game development by mentoring a student dev team to create a game in 100 days. The resulting game, Superfluid, was released on Android and iOS and the people who made it got full-time game development jobs in the UK as a consequence of its success.

Virgin Media will be doing other stuff this year, of which we'll have more news nearer the show, and Virgin Media customers will be able to access half-price tickets with early access to the show floor.

Every year at the Expo we get publishers and developers to bring the latest builds of games in development (and systems, of course) for you to sample before they hit the streets. The Eurogamer.net editorial team also curates developer sessions - live game presentations and Q&As by big-name devs like Hideo Kojima, 343 Industries, Crystal Dynamics and plenty of others. (You can watch a lot of last year's on our YouTube channel.)

This year we're doing all that again, using much more space at Earls Court so we can accommodate more games (well over a thousand screens) and more attendees (70,000 over the four days), and we'll be able to start announcing some of the games and developer sessions in the next few months.

If you fancy buying tickets in the meantime, however, then you'll be rewarded for your dedication with a 20% Early Bird discount (group discounts are also available if you are legion). Normal prices for single-day tickets are £15 per person, Early Entry at £20, afternoon tickets £10 and the 4-day Super Pass (granting early entry on all four days) is £60. Head over to the Expo site for more information, and look out for more announcements on Eurogamer.net in the months to come. We hope to see you in September.

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