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Saints Row 2 - Multiplayer

Wanna take this outside?

I can't pull off any form of "gangsta" talk. It's a geographical, ethnic, cultural impossibility. I'm from Ireland and while the place I grew up definitely had its nasty undercurrents, it was definitely more "farm" than "phat". Any attempt to describe watching television as "chillin'" or imply that I might be about to get "all up in this bitch" sounds so ridiculous it makes me want to strangle myself.

That goes for you, too. I don't care what part of Britain (or Europe) you come from, you still sound like a blithering idiot when you try to talk like a rapper. South London, where I live, is full of such blithering idiots, oblivious to the cringing of all around them every time they open their mouths. Shut up - you're not from the ghetto, you're from Surrey. The only time you've ever been anywhere near a "project", it was the one you did about butterflies in Primary Six. Your dad's not a pimp, he's an investment banker (granted, after last week, the path from the latter career to the former may just have shortened significantly). You have a trust fund. Shut up.

This odd hang-up of mine renders the process of playing Saints Row 2 multiplayer a vaguely discomfiting experience. It's gangland mayhem on-screen, but a glance to my left or right confirms that my gangster allies and rivals are a group of pasty-white European journalists.

Yet, as the action grows more intense, I can sense the imminent outburst of whiteboy gangsta speech growing nearer and nearer. With each passing kill it becomes more and more inevitable that someone is going to drop an N-bomb, only to look around with extreme embarrassment and try to explain that it's fine, really, because Fiddy Cent does it all the time and anyway loads of his friends are.... Oh God.

Everything goes bang. Even more so when there are 12 of you shooting it.

This is, at best, a passing concern. Perhaps once you're on Xbox Live or PSN with the game, you'll be able to pretend that all of the other players are actually proper gangsters (or, in the case of the huge number of Scottish 12-year-olds on Xbox Live, who all sound like Wee Jimmy Krankie, just mute them). Or perhaps you'll just be having so much fun that you won't be bothered by the whole thing. On the strength of what we've seen, that's a pretty good bet.

When we chatted about the single-player game earlier in the month, we did touch upon one of the most important aspects of the multiplayer - co-op. Drop-in, drop-out co-op where you can join a friend's game (with your own character), play some missions, and then drop out back to your own game, keeping any cash or unlocked items, in which the respective missions will also be marked as complete. The entire game is playable co-op, and there are no restrictions (as far as we can tell) on what you can do within the city in co-op mode. If it's possible in single-player, it's equally possible with another player running around.

The people you're playing with won't look like this - but mute your earpiece, and maybe you can pretend.

That, we suspect, is going to be the most popular of Saints Row 2's multiplayer features by far. However, it's not the only way to get your share of online gang warfare from the game, and the team at Volition have been putting in the hours on a few more combative multiplayer modes as well - some familiar, some not so much.

At the familiar end of the spectrum is the Gangster Brawl mode, which plays out over a variety of maps based on the city's themed districts. Supporting up to 12 players, it's essentially a deathmatch mode, with all of the various weapons, vehicles and so on available for use in the frantic death-dealing. There's also a team-based variant of Gangster Brawl, for those of you who want some allies to battle alongside.

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