11 years ago

"look, i don't even like football, but i'm horribly addicted to Fifa '07 on the 360. Make of that what you will."

That was a quote from this post and thats the difference between the two games. Fifa is a user friendly game that kids and people who arent too interested in the beautiful game can just pick up and play. Pro is the game that real football fans play as its alot harder and you need to think more when playing it. Also most pro footballers prefer Pro to Fifa.

Im of course a pro fan(pretty damn good aswell) but the hardest AI level will always give me a game. I picked up the last fifa and played the hardest skill level and i was hammering the AI after half an hours practice. The goals you score in Fifa are ridiculous and you get no satisfaction from scoring as its far too easy.

On the flip side there is no finer gaming experience than stringing together 15 or 20 passes and puttin the ball in the back of the net in Pro.

So there you have it.
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