Civilization IV: Colonization


10 years ago

Another bad review. The reviewer doesn't comment on the fact that your cities don't actually grow. The borders increase but you are stuck with the same 3x3 square of land. This means you can't build agri-cultural towns and end up with lots of small towns.

The original game did not have this, as cities increased you got to use more tiles to put your colonists on allowing you to build some massive cities.

There are other areas where the game is less then the original.

Equally damning, it ain't improved anywhere. It is as if somebody made a bad copy, slightly increased the graphics and then thought that could be called a sequel.

For instance, food. The best production towns often have difficulty getting food. Not to worry, you can set up transport routes, even 'automate' them to some degree. So you end up with two cities, one producing food one producing furs. Setup up transport rule, export food from Food Town (but keep at least 50 to keep it from starving) and an import rule for Fur Town.

What happens then? Well, it goes alright for a while UNTILthe food in Fur Town reaches the 200 limit. Then it spawns a new colonist, uses up all the food and the town starves until the next transport arrives.

This is a common problem in games of these types as anyone who played these games 10 years ago knows. But that is the point. This is 2008, we expect more from your games now. Better AI, less micro-management, better in game tools.

If you want to play this game, download freecol. It is the better game, just doesn't have the graphics. If you must have the commercial game, get the original, that too is superior. I can't help but feel this game has been consolefied, they added nothing and removed depth from the original.
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Funcom's Gaute Godager


10 years ago

My question as well. Simpe respawn problem over 1 month of release and still not fixed.

When will female attack speed be fixed?

The comment about the servers is really galling as on the 26th there was a major problem with ALL the servers that required them to be taken down eventually during peak time in europe.

Frankly, this game is rapidly becoming Anarchy Online 2.

Yes it sold well, there are a LOT of MMORPG players desperate for something new, anything and any game with boobies will attract a lot of punters. We shall see what happens in the next couple of months when peoples initial subscription start to run out and expansions for Lotro and WoW come out.

Yes, Lotro is McDonalds. You know exactly what you are going to get, a near perfected hamburger. AoC may well be a steak but it is one taken from a mad cow, crawling with maggots and magically half burned and half raw.

Sometimes company bosses should just keep their mouth shut when things are bad because anyone who plays this game will just see it for the bullshit it is.

Oh and eurogamer, try to come up with some real questions next time eh? Hard hitting questioning, it is not against the law you know.
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