PUBG takes a leaf out of Fortnite's playbook - and it works


2 weeks ago

I loved the Tequila Sunrise event however my squad and I are not fans of PUBG shotguns and the random spread mechanics. We came up with our own plan, 4 vehicles to mow down all those unsuspecting teams on hilltops!

It turned PUBG into multiplayer MadMax and was awesome.
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Is Kickstarter for video games dead?


12 months ago

@ubergine Winning tag-line.

Also, excellent name and funny youTube vid "The Tower of Error".
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Saturday Soapbox: The high cost of free-to-play


5 years ago

I disagree that the F2P model is evil and that it will all fall apart in a year or so. 8 or 9 years ago I started playing a game called Silk Road, a free to play MMORPG on the PC that I think is still successfully going today. That played like any other fully fledged game of the time with the added extra of being able to buy in-game items should you so choose.

The problem right now is the exploitation of that model and the people its put in front of; the young, the naive, or the plain stupid.

Business' are there to make money, plain and simple, and they will do so via the cheapest means necessary. Unfortunately right now that means churning out clone after clone of the same thin layer of colourful cartoon-like animated guff. It exists because we continue to download and play it.

I personally feel that the best way forward is to ignore the rubbish, educate those that need it, and keep supporting and shouting about the games we love whether they are F2P or paid.
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