Digital Foundry vs. PlayStation Vita


6 years ago

@Dewin - I have looked for some info on the remote play feature online, but there's not much available yet. From what I found, I think the remote play feature currently is limited to what already was possible on the PSP:

Remote Play games for original PSP (these seem to be compatible with Vita as well, just in a crappy way)

This was a feature I think a lot of people didn't even know existed on the PSP, and to be honest it didn't work that well. There was quite some input lag and graphics were blurry and washed out. I tried playing PixelJunk Monsters this way myself, but it was just a pain to use. All complaints and compatible games for the Vita seem to be the same, so I guess we'll have to wait for a software/firmware update before seeing stuff like this:

YouTube video with Killzone 3 on Vita Remote Play

Once Remote Play will actually allow for the above, it should be a great feature. Can't wait :)

Torchlight demo released on Steam


9 years ago

@VampiricEye I would download straight away if you're in for some Diablo 1-style loothunting.

It costs next to nothing, has music from the Diablo composer and many veterans from the original Diablo team behind it.