You thought that was it for Guild Wars 2?


4 years ago

@Bertie Your counter arguments are not bad, however there are some holes in your argument.

"The only problem here would be unfair pressure put on 'noobs' who took the WVW spot of someone much more veteran and valuable to the war effort. Would they be asked to leave?"

Noobs don't stay noobs forever (well there are exceptions, however at that point i'd call them retards instead of noobs). WvW is a competitive environment, it's not kindergarten. Do newly drafted NBA players get a special amulet that negates the "pressure" they feel when they're sent into the game? No.

Yes there will be assholes (i might end up as one of them) that will say "you f'in noob, gtfo out, uninstall and go back to farmville douche bag" when they come across some scrub who's unwilling to learn or admit to their mistakes, but hey if you don't want to face criticism then why don't you lock yourself in your room never socialize with the outside world and while you're at it you can get home schooled by your mom. That way you'll receive praise everyday for being the smartest in a class of 1. It is a fundamental quality for human beings to learn from their mistakes and adapt. Also a situation where someone is asked to leave WvW because they're shit will bring about importance in being in a good guild. Right now the only thing tying people down to a single guild is commendations, besides that nothing. Guilds can now provide protection to hostility found in WvW.

"Again, this is open to a kind of reverse grief. The better, more experienced players would come down harshly on newcomers who were catching them in friendly fire. As a result, the whole scene - WVW - could become a hostile place for first-timers."

There's a lot more that you missed upon, so i'll elaborate. Friendly fire also gives rise to people that have a PK (Player Kill) nature, thus causing some players to fear entering WvW. Also there's no feature in WvW that tells you who killed you, or which attacks came from which players, so being able to specifically direct your frustration on a single player would be hard.

Now to answer that. Personally I want ANet to implement a system to let me know the name of the person who killed me, because i'm the type of person that likes to pay back what I owe. However to counter the endless strife ANet can also add a new scoring system feature. This feature would involve adding points for killing enemy invaders and subtracting points for killing players that are of the same feature. As for how much to add and subtract we'd have to test using one of the fundamental theories taught in "Economics of Information." Which means we'd have to find the threshold where the cost of killing someone from your own server outweighs the benefits (ego boost). To be exact, the amount of points lost from killing a single person from the same server should equate to killing about 10 enemy players. As for a rough estimate of how much that is i, with no testing, feel that it should be somewhere between a supply camp and a tower. It should be an amount that is significant but not enough so that 10 team kills screws the server over, however if a civil war were to erupt then i completely believe the server should lose that round of WvW.

Before I move on i'd like to quote an excerpt from the Sword Art Online's light novel as I feel it is a very explanation for why PKing exists in MMORPGs:
"...You play ALO too, so you should already have an idea, long before FullDive, there's already been MMORPGs that stole from each other. To say the least, because such games do not technically have definitive endings, some form of endgame content has to serve for a player's motivation ... like seeking and playing for the feeling of superiority over others."

GW2 is no exception from this. The reason is simple, it's not a console game that ends when the story is done. For example once players finish their Story quests they have nothing to do. You can try to say "but Living Story," however it can be finished in a day and then boredom resumes. PvP is not a viable solution because the balance is completely broken. All people really do now is amass large amounts of gold or try to obtain all the fashion items they want. GW2 is going in the stinker because they literally have no endgame content to keep players motivated.

In case Anet tries to say "but all MMORPGs are like that" i'll tell you right now that Neverwinter is trying to break that and from the looks of it, they're going in a new and good direction. Through "The Foundry" players can create dungeons for all players to play in. They can set the difficulty w/e they like so players will also have the feeling of playing a new dungeon and not having a guide to lean on.

"That's not necessarily a bad thing - you should learn to play to be effective, but it feels like a negative way to achieve it, and ArenaNet is all about making things accessible and positive. In fact, that's where a lot of the effort is going in when tweaking the game for its Chinese release, they said."

Lol they're tweaking the game for Chinese players? That is the worst excuse i've heard. Why? Because you do know that China has had a ban on console games until just recently right? Also the removal of the ban is not that simple either. In order for consoles to be sold in China the company must be producing the consoles within China. That means the largest source of gaming comes from the computer, so please tell me how GW2, a game that literally at this point has no end game material and a very shitty PvP structure is going to entice Chinese players to choose their game over the tons of online games that already exist or are coming out and don't forget that if Anet doesn't make changes soon, they'll have to compete with the console once they've established their footholds in China.

"Would it be better to encourage tighter, more focused tactics by offering work-together bonuses instead? What if there were abilities that catered to exactly that?"

Forget that, if they implemented friendly fire I predict this: Players that have a strong sense of morale, server loyalty and leadership will standout and create a police force to protect the masses from PK. At the same time, players that enjoy playing the villain will choose to create chaos and create infamy for themselves. These players will have no problem walking through LA while getting heckled. Also dungeon parties won't refuse them because their goal is to finish the dungeon quickly and efficiently, so someone with that much infamy will have the strength to satisfy that requirement. Through this method Anet would have created a situation where the players themselves are literally creating new content while doing literally nothing. This would give them more time when creating new content. Of course there will need to be a penalty for PKers. Off the top of my head I would think of something like "Players who have committed team killing will have their name icon turn red and the title "[server name] Traitor" for X amount of time. During this period if they are killed by someone who does not have the above title will be awarded 50 silver from the PKer. In the event that the PKer has no money on them all their equipment is broken (not damaged). Killing a PKer will not cause a normal player to become a [server name] traitor." Anet can smooth the edges and "blam" end game motivation is brimming.

As for implementing a buff to off set the advantage of numbers, the reason why i feel it is a turn off is because even if I win, it feels like i was given a handicap because i was so pathetic and shit. If Anet implemented the above players will swarm to WvW and the only problem would be the player limit in WvW.

I'd just like to say that it's very rare for a moderator to reply to almost every comment posted as well as provide opinions that are well thought out. Please keep up the good work Bertie
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4 years ago

ArenaNet keeps talking about how they achieved the highest sales in a 9 month period, but lets be honest, that accomplishment was all ArenaNet. If anything the timing of their launch was just very convenient.

What i mean by this is that at the time of launch Sword Art Online was in the middle of its Alfiem Online arc. No one can deny that Sword Art Online was probably the best anime of the year. Although many will add that the story in the Alfiem Online arc was comparably worse than thhe Sword Art Online arc, they can not deny that the open world and the competitiive nature of the multitude of races was something that most MMORPG players desire.

So the record breaking sales that ArenaNet achieved was a combination of their overhyped sales pitch and people who expected the game to deliver the type of online game they saw in Sword Art Online.

For those who don't believe me ask yourselves this:

- is there really any difference between the races you pick besides their appearance and their background that does nothing to the gameplay besides adding imaginary empathy to the character?

- Is there any race loyalty in the game? Since every race is friends and they're all lovey dovey with each other there's no reason for players to feel any particular attachment to a character besides the items s/he has.

Some of the questions ArenaNet was asked weren't even answered. They just side stepped the question with the classic bait and switch.

For example when asked about WvW being bad for under populated servers, they answered with "na man, the que times were through the roof dawg!" Yeah it was through the roof for servers like Blackgate, Jade Quarry and w/e the 3rd place server's called. The question refers to the mid to low tier servers, also your answer doesn't address the fundamental problem that WvW is not skill based. Any server that wins, wins because they have a larger number. Don't believe me? Truthfully tell me what is the most widely used tactic in WvW that has the highest safety rate and yields the highest return? The answer is zergs, the most basic and brainless tactic ever invented.

For those of you who don't know what zerg tactics are i'll explain in a nut shell "I haz no skillz and take swords up my butt all day. Oh what you mean there are more people like me out there? Well lets all move together, because as long as we have an adequate amount of people we can overcome the fact that we only know how to press 1 button."

Also creating an "infinite" number of WvW maps when 1 map becomes full doesn't solve the problem. Want to know why? Because it doesn't change the fact that a server could fill up over 50% of the spots in a WvW server causing them to have clear advantage over the other 2 servers. At which point the leftovers will go to a new map that we don't even know if the things we capture there will add to the server score. Also if it does, chances are that these new maps are going to be free points if there's not enough extra people to move into them.

A better solution would be to place a limit on the maximum amount of players that can log into a WvW map per server. This would preserve a fair match in terms of numbers and would decrease the reliance on zerg strategies (only a little though).

I've advocated for friendly fire in WvW since the GW2 first launched (albiet my reason in the beginning was because i'm an asshole that enjoys PKing), as the game progressed the benefits that comes from implementing friendly fire (party members would be immune) in WvW greatly out weighs the costs.

Once implemented the days where we see 2 giant armies of players who spam range attacks and skills as if they were fatally allergic to melee weapons would cease, because thieves, warriors and guardians would have a reason for entering into enemy zergs. A zerg that is unorganized will begin to hurt itself by spamming AoE and cleaving melee attacks at itself. While an organized zerg will have 1h sword wielding warriors, guardians and thieves taking care of the invaders, while the rest move off and split their attention between aiding the branch group and fending off the enemy zerg.

The result would be forcing players to reach a higher level of skill and coordination in order to thrive in WvW, not to mention this would allow small parties to compete against large parties, since the # of players won't impact the outcome of a fight as much anymore.

Also with the implementation of friendly fire, we will most likely see a rise in player killings within servers. This adds an extra layer of depth to WvW. Guilds will attack other guilds of the same server inorder to capture a tower or keep and have their guild emblem on the flag. Finally we'll actually have, wait for it, Guild Wars in Guild Wars 2. OMG! Can you believe it? Damn and here i thought ArenaNet was pulling the same shit Karate Kid (directed by Will Smith) did. It was kung fu and had absolutely nothing to do with Karate, they used the name to trick the fans of the real Karate Kid into watching their movie.

Now the top ranked server will not just mean "we got the biggest population bitchez!" Instead it will represent the server that has the most server loyal players and that is the most organized for war type combat.

Honestly, I'm just some jackass that majors in economics and even i cculd come up with this (probably as did many other people, but are too lazy to voice their opinions), i'm very disappointed that ArenaNet spent over a year with shit that was hardly effective in increasing their popularity.

Well if there is one thing ArenaNet did, it was setting itself apart from other MMORPGs. Not only did it start in the right direction, it also had an enormous amount of potential to over throw WoW. However half way down the road they seems to have taken a bribe from Blizzard and took a shit all over their creation and flung it in the opposite direction of success as hard as it could.

Personally, i'll still keep GW2 installed on my computer and keep uptodate with the latest PvP builds. Why? Because i still believe ArenaNet will pick up that shit covered creation, clean it up and run faster than Usain Bolt towards the direction of success ... also i'm poor and cheap ass university student, I paid $60 for this game (not including ingame gem store) and god damn it i'll play until i feel it was worth it!!
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