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Err - blurb?
On a more serious note I've been an avid gamer since 1987/8 when I was 2... I had an Amstrad and a BBC computer in my house - sadly only my dad played it so I was relegated to watching intently while learning exactly how not to play games :D
Since then I have owned:
An Atari STE (which even then sounded like something you'd catch on a Friday night);
A Sega Mega Drive/Master System;
An original Nintendo GameBoy (aka - the brick) & a DS Lite;
A PS1 & PS2;
Both an Xbox & an Xbox 360 (actually, make that 4 Xbox 360's because apparently Microsoft have no idea how to build something that lasts more than a year).
Plus I play PC games when something good comes out...
Sh*t I never realised I bought that many consoles - MMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
From the list above you can probably tell that I've played most games - however, my specialities lie in RPG/strategy/FPS. For all you COD haters - hi, I play COD nice to meet you blud innit. And your mum. Although generally the language would have a more vulgar tinge, I don't think EG would appreciate that...

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