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"Many apologies" for MotoGP bug

Capcom fixing auto-update hiccup.

Capcom has offered "many apologies" to the MotoGP 09/10 owners whose games have been broken by an automatic title update.

"Many apologies for this bug in the 2010 season DLC," the publisher told Eurogamer. "We are aware of the problem and are working to deliver a solution to solve the issue as soon as possible."

The problem meant anyone completing a 2009 season and then wanting to pick a 2010 motorbike and competition couldn't. The game would produce a "Content Not Available" box with the text: "Downloaded content is no longer available. Returning to the main menu."

Worse, owners of the game found that when they returned to the 2009 career their bike had disappeared.

Those who have fallen foul of the bug suggest saving your game settings to a memory card and not completing the 2009 season first.

Others are convinced that the DLC can be downloaded safely, and that time trials and online races can be played without incident using normal bikes. Just don't go customising them.

MotoGP 09/10 appeared in March. Real-life motorbiker Matt Edwards reviewed the game for Eurogamer.

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MotoGP 09/10

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