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It's a quiet N7 Day for Mass Effect fans this year


Happy N7 Day, Mass Effect fans.

After the announcements of a new Mass Effect game and trilogy remaster, and the subsequent release this year of the Legendary Edition, this year's 7th November N7 Day is light on new details.

Still, BioWare marked the day with a post on its blog noting a few new things for fans, as well as hopes for a more exciting 2022.

There are new Mass Effect Steam stickers featuring chibi versions of the Normandy crew, new Mass Effect gifs on Giphy and, if you don't have it already, a sale on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition via Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store.

There's also new merch to buy on the BioWare Store and elsewhere. The publisher also highlights this Kickstarter project where you can crowdfund an officially licensed model of the Citadel. That's actually pretty nice, but also $199.

Looking to the future, BioWare's Mass Effect bosses Mac Walters and Mike Gamble both said they were looking forward to the return of in-person events next year where they could meet and discuss the franchise again with fans.

"We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe," BioWare concluded. "Until then, please accept our most humble thanks to you for accompanying us on this journey."

Last December, BioWare gave us our first - and to date, only - look at the next Mass Effect game, which will see a fan-favourite return and pick up the story of what happened after the Reaper war.

But the project is still a long way off - further than Dragon Age 4 - so it's perhaps unsurprising we haven't seen more today.

Looking back to the series' main trilogy, earlier this year I sat down with Walters to discuss the making of Mass Effect 3 - and how his team brought Shepard's story to a close. It's a chat with details on a scrapped Reaper boss and some early plans for missions which got switched during production.

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