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Half-Minute Hero outed for XBLA

The Super Mega Neo Climax Edition.

Deliciously frantic PlayStation Portable role-playing game Half-Minute Hero appears to be making the transition to Xbox Live Arcade.

Gamerbytes noticed that the Australian Game Rating board lists Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Edition as a Microsoft-published product.

That doesn't confirm an XBLA release, but the probability is high.

Any other game details are not known, but the snazzy subtitle suggests something has changed.

Half-Minute Hero, released early 2010, is a Japanese RPG - and the only one I recall that can be finished in 45 seconds. The game's bonkers premise is to save the world in 30 seconds. If you don't, evil baddie person will smite the world to smithereens. Visiting town or village hubs replenishes and pauses your clock, but all other adventure, including battle, whittles away at the precious half-minute.

Eurogamer loved it; score: 8/10. "In its self-assured execution and endlessly inventive subversion of cliché, Half-Minute Hero succeeds in becoming a masterful reinvention of that which it parodies, simultaneously celebrating the form while overhauling the function of one of gaming's oldest templates to create something fresh and imaginative," wrote reviewer Simon Parkin.

Half-Minute Hero on PSP.
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