Wordament review

Wordament review

Boggle off.

Turn-based word games are so last season. What's that you say? Still playing Letterpress? That's great, Grandad, glad you can fit it in between jousting and lute practice.

I'll be over here, playing the next big thing while I hang out with the cool kids. By next big thing, I mean Wordament. And by cool kids, I mean other middle-aged women and people who have never found anything useful to do with their English Literature degree other than play video games about spelling.

Actually, Wordament isn't new at all. It was first released for the Windows Phone platform in April 2011. But the iOS version came out just last month, complete with Xbox Live functionality. In other words, players sign in with their gamertags and there's no Game Center business at all. It's the first iOS game to feature Xbox Live Achievements.

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