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FeatureAll hail Wario

Paying tribute to the original Nintendo anti-hero.

"Anti-heroes" aren't supposed to look like Wario. Anti-heroes aren't really supposed to have preset characteristics at all - the whole point is that they're defined by negation - but in the course of countless Gothic vampire stories and cyberpunk adventures, the role has come to involve certain visual traits. Anti-heroes must be lean, sexy, glowering and little-spoken, with a regulation two days' worth of stubble and a variety of intriguing scars. Their lips must be curling, bleached, sardonic. The eyes? Glowing, slitted, bionic and/or bloodshot. The apparel? Trench coats, mirror shades, knee-high boots, flapping bandages and anything cut from dark leather with sharp angles that smells ever so slightly of S&M.

Dingalingaling! That's the sound of Eurogamer's 'Actual New Game' bell, which is currently imaginary, but which Tom is adamant that he's going to make a reality soon - I think because he wants a bell on his desk to annoy everyone with. This is cool if he promises to come to work dressed as a town crier. "Hear ye, hear ye, someone is making a game which you haven't played before."