Vigilante 8: Arcade

Vigilante 8 Arcade

Vigilante 8 Arcade

Burn down the disco.

Help me out, readers. I'm not imagining it, am I? Ten years ago, Vigilante 8 on the PSone was pretty great, right? It gave you a bunch of souped-up 1970s muscle cars, a selection of kick-ass weapons to bolt on the roof and sides, and let you loose in a variety of custom arenas for all-out war. The aim of the game was nothing more lofty than to be the last man standing. Or last car rolling, at least.

When I heard that Vigilante 8 was heading to Xbox Live Arcade my heart didn't just skip, it draped itself in ribbons and cavorted gaily through sunny meadows full of heady, nostalgic blooms. In fact, I seem to recall loving it even more than Twisted Metal: World Tour, on account of the improved graphics and beefy physics.

So why am I so bitterly disappointed now? The obvious answer is because Vigilante 8 was never that good. The more hopeful answer is that this remake of Vigilante 8, which mixes elements from the first game and its 1999 sequel, Second Offense, isn't actually that good. That can't be right, surely?

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Vigilante 8 on XBLA this Weds

Vehicular combat for 800 MSP.

Microsoft has announced that Vigilante 8: Arcade will be this week's Xbox Live Arcade release when it comes out tomorrow, 5th November, for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

Vigilante 8 enters XBLA certification

Car-wrecking series re-imagined for 2008.

V8: Arcade, the XBLA re-imagining of the Vigilante 8 series, has finally been submitted to Microsoft for certification, which means the game should arrive in late summer or early autumn.