Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers

Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Review

I had to break Tiny and Big in order to realise just how much I love it. I mean really break it, too: dead end, entirely out of options, nothing for it but to restart the chapter and lose 30 minutes of progress. I usually hate this sort of thing in games, but that's because this sort of thing in games is usually the result of a bug.

In Tiny and Big it's completely different: I was given the ability to chop things down, and I then chopped down so much that the level didn't work any more. In a game like this, it's hard to begrudge the odd restart - they're nothing more than the necessary consequence of all the freedom you've been allowed.

You can divide a lot of games up, I reckon, based on whether they give you props or tools. Take a grappling hook: in Arkham Asylum it's a tool. In other games it might be a prop - a contextual canned animation that whisks you to a new part of the level while giving you the illusion of control. Stand here, press A, fire the grappling hook. Don't stand over there, idiot, it won't work. It only works over here.

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