The Swarm


VideoLatest Swarm trailer enlists children

Gameplay explained so even kids understand.

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Swarm! Slam! Rescue! Battle! Ghostbusters!

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EU PlayStation Store Update 30th March

Swarm! The 3rd Birthday! Ghosbusters!

VideoLatest Swarm trailer enlists children

Gameplay explained so even kids understand.

Download Games Roundup

Swarm! Slam! Rescue! Battle! Ghostbusters!

VideoSwarm trailer is sensitivity trained

Hothead Games get schooled.

VideoExclusive Swarm gameplay trailer

On PSN and XBLA from next week.

Hothead reveals Swarm release date

Update: On Euro PS3 a week later.

VideoSwarm teaser probes brutal deaths

Hothead Games reveals its blue blood.

FeatureHothead on Swarm, Ron Gilbert

"No! I never saw him throw a latte or something like that!"

VideoSwarm trailer loved up for Valentine's

PSN, XBLA title converging on March.

VideoSwarm gameplay footage floods in

They're coming out of the walls!

Swarm heading to PSN/XBLA in 2011

Hothead's latest gets platform details.

VideoSwarm gameplay trailer

Safety in numbers?

Deathspank dev's new game is Swarm

Like Lemmings with Oddworld funnies.

VideoHothead's new game Swarm

Swarm will be Hothead's follow-up to Deathspank. This game, however, is more like Lemmings than Diablo.