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Hothead reveals Swarm release date

Update: On Euro PS3 a week later.

Update: Hothead co-founder Joel DeYoung has told Eurogamer that the European PSN version of Swarm will be here on Wednesday, 30th March.

The Xbox Live Arcade release will happen a week earlier on Wednesday, 23rd March.

Original story: Hothead's action puzzle game Swarm will release on 22nd March on the US PlayStation Store.

The date came via the official Swarmites Twitter account.

Swarm involves directing 50 little blue monsters to the end of a level, saving as many as you can. You need to make tactical sacrifices along the way, though, but these are rewarded with score multipliers.

It's a concept Penny Arcade Adventures and DeathSpank developer Hothead has had simmering since 2006, back when the studio was formed. "Swarm pulls you in and begs you to try and master it," teased Hothead co-founder Joel DeYoung, talking to Eurogamer last month.

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