Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Daigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

The Street Fighter world champion speaks.

"Right now, there's nobody younger than me that I feel threatened by. I haven't met anyone that I felt possesses the skill to surpass me in the future. I'm not over-evaluating myself. I can analytically see their weakness, their ineptitudes."

Retrospective: Street Fighter

20 years of beat-'em-ups picked thoroughly apart.

Holy #*%$! I've just seen the Japanese intro for Street Fighter IV and it looks absolutely killer. Screw objectivity, I'm going to say right now that from my impressions of the Street Fighter IV arcade game and from what I've played so far of the console release, Street IV could very well be the greatest fighting game ever made. With Eurogamer's review going live tomorrow (Monday 16th February), I'm taking a look back at the different Street Fighter games in their many different arcade transitions. Hold onto your sticks people.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

One for all you alpha males out there.

Compilations are ten a penny these day, but it's rare to find one with more than two or three games worth playing.

It's a cunning ruse though. Twenty-odd games for twenty-odd quid? Bargain! Except it isn't always, is it. Because once the excitement's died down, you're only going to be playing a couple of them, and bargain status is revoked. Often too late for your twenty-odd quid. Kudos to Capcom, then, for collecting five games which are all worth playing, and charging us just four quid a pop for the privilege. (And what with some very reasonable conversion rates for odd-quid and quid-a-pop at the moment, all the better.)

Alpha Anthology brings together arcade conversions of all three Street Fighter Alpha titles (as well as Alpha 2 Gold for the completists) and offers Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix as a bonus. That they're derived from the coin-op versions seems somewhat double-edged to begin with, in that while it does mean you get the optimum version of each game technically, additions made over the last few years - characters added to Alpha 3 for the PSP and GBA versions, for example - are sadly omitted. Or so it first appears. Luckily, Capcom has had the grace to include Alpha 3 Upper as an unlockable when you beat Alpha 3 (extra character ahoy) and if you finish each of the games once, you're given a brand new remix known as Hyper Street Fighter Alpha. This is where the real fun is at.

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