Stargate Resistance News

Stargate Worlds dev loses license

End of the road for oft-delayed MMO?

The beleaguered studio behind long-in-the-offing MMO Stargate Worlds has been stripped of the franchise license by owners MGM Studios.

Stargate MMO developer goes bankrupt

Resistance spin-off sold to splinter group.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the studio making the Stargate Worlds MMO, has succumbed to bankruptcy and called in the receivers, according to an open letter to shareholders on its website (thanks, Voodoo Extreme).

Stargate MMO sidelined for new shooter

Resistance new focus for struggling dev.

The Stargate MMO, Stargate Worlds, appears to have been sidelined in favour of a freshly-announced multiplayer shooter called Stargate Resistance, reports Massively.