Splinter Cell Trilogy

Key events

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD patch adds inverted aim

Ubisoft sneaks in missing control scheme.

VideoSplinter Cell Trilogy HD footage

Fisher for compliments.

EU PlayStation Store update 14th Sept

From Dust! Renegade Ops! God of War!

Out This Week - 16/09/11

Trackmania! Gunstringer! God of War! Splinter Cell!

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD

Ol' green eyes is back.

Splinter Cell HD Y-axis invert missing

Ubisoft looking into issue.

EU PlayStation Store update 10th August

Resistance 3 beta! El Shaddai, Driver demos!

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD release date

Rayman Origins nailed down, too.

Driver: San Francisco out this September

PS3 Child of Eden out before July.

Splinter Cell Trilogy release delayed

Shops point to June launch.

First Splinter Cell Trilogy HD screens

Sam Fisher remastered and in 3D on PS3.

Splinter Cell Trilogy release date

Sam Fisher gets PS3-only HD makeover.