Space Rangers

Space Rangers

Space Rangers

Old Firm battles with Space Celtic ensue.

This review was meant to be in on Monday. Not this Monday, but two Mondays ago. Thereís been as determined procrastination over writing the review as any game ever, with me attempting to distract Kristan by sending in lots of other work which isnít due yet to avoid him asking where this Space Rangers review has got to. Thank God that Nintendo saw fit to release the most exciting gaming news of the year recently too.

Essentially, the gameís amazing, but I had to put myself in quarantine for a week to make sure itís actually something I have to recommend to the world. Because it might be just because itís precisely aimed at my soft spots Ė emergent situations, freeform universes, sheer quirkiness, and being constructed by an underdog developer in the middle of nowhere (Vladivostok, apparently). And itís not that it doesnít have enough flaws for a more sober minded reviewer to kick it down a little. But sober-minded reviewers give the latest merely competent game in a big franchise ninety percent because it exists, so to hell with them.

Space Rangers is, in the language of the illiterate, Teh Aw3s0m3.

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