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SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

SEGA exec Alan Pritchard has revealed more about the company's plans to delist less-than-stellar Sonic games - suggesting the publisher may take a leaf out of an old rival's book.

SEGA quiet on Riders sequel

SEGA quiet on Riders sequel

Magazine dishes dirt.

SEGA has offered no comment on speculation that a Sonic Riders sequel is heading to Wii and PS2.

The news erupted from PLAY magazine, which outed the Sony version as Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

According to the mag, the blue hedgehog and friends are back to try and get their hands on a silly old artefact to save the day - racing across levels like Botanical Kingdom and Crimson Crater.

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Sonic Riders PC demo

Run for the (green) hills.

Even SEGA would probably agree that Sonic Riders isn't the most exciting PC release of the year (seeing as they also publish Football Manager and Medieval 2), but with a beige-box version due out this Christmas we now have a demo to help make our minds up.

Sonic Riders on PC

Hoverboards meet hard-drives.

Not content with its persistent whoring of the Sonic license on consoles, handhelds and mobiles, SEGA of America has announced the development of Sonic Riders, the hoverboard racer, on PC.