App of the Day: Slydris

App of the Day: Slydris

Lateral damage.

A one-man studio turning out sharp, inventive shooters like Inferno and Super Crossfire with alarming regularity, radiangames - aka former Volition designer Luke Schneider - should be something of an App Store phenomenon by now. He probably would be, in fact, if anyone bothered to buy his games.

Sure, Schneider must be earning enough to keep plugging away, but so far he's inexplicably failed to trouble the iOS charts. Perhaps that explains the change of tack, but whether it's simple economics or whether he just fancied a change, Slydris perhaps represents Schneider's best shot at success so far.

It neatly falls into the current trend towards more sedate, thoughtful puzzlers. As in the likes of SpellTower, Triple Town and Drop7, the focus is on taking your time and planning ahead. It's all about what you do before you put your finger on the screen as the last action of a carefully constructed strategy. Here, this combines beautifully with the traditionalist line-clearing approach of a Tetris to make something that's both familiar and intriguingly new.

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