Six Days in Fallujah News

PC/XBLA shooter Breach release date

By Six Days in Fallujah dev Atomic.

Dev hopes to finish Six Days in Fallujah

But won't change location to "Bullcrapistan".

Fallujah dev's next in London soon

Breach playable at HMV Trocadero.

Fallujah dev unveils Breach

Multiplayer shooter for PC, consoles.

Fallujah game may reappear yet

There's "a lot of interest", claims dev.

Konami departure "surprised" Fallujah dev

Would "love the opportunity" to finish game.

Konami drops controversial Iraq game

Fallujah criticism too much to take.

Europe may not see Fallujah game

Konami undecided, say reports.

Konami's Fallujah game under fire

"Sick", "crass", "flippant"... fun?

Konami/marines making Iraq War game

Just Fallouja think you are?