SingStar Rocks!

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Sony's karaoke revolution.

Sony is justifiably proud of SingStar. It's sold over 17 million units. Over 4 million songs have been bought and downloaded. It's also almost universally adored by critics. Everyone at Eurogamer plays SingStar, for example, often to the exclusion of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. SingStar's brilliant, and it's a success. So it's slightly bizarre that the highest score it's ever had on Metacritic, across 26 individual disc releases, is 82, with the majority languishing in the mid-70s, if not lower.

SingStar backwards compatibility arrives

SingStar PS3 to work with PS2 discs Tues.

Three Speech has just reported the news that all Singstar fans wanted to hear: full backwards compatibility for Singstar PS3 arrives tomorrow.

PS2 songs in PS3 SingStar clarified

Won't involve ripping to hard disk.

MTV Multiplayer has clarified that the SingStar disc-swapping feature announced by Sony Europe boss David Reeves last night won't allow you to rip songs to the hard disk.

Singstar Rocks

Singstar Rocks

But does it?

Karaoke is simultaneously the greatest thing ever invented and the most traumatic, torturous experience imaginable, but you can't ever win. Ever.

If you happen to fall into the category of being a self-effacing bad singer, you're afforded the respect of being able to get up there and take the flak, knowing full well that everyone's having a jolly good laugh at your expense. But it's fine. Most people are pretty terrible singers - at least you had the guts to go up there. But you're still a bad singer. You still suck at singing. You don't win. Okay, you win at being a good sport, but is that really a consolation? Not if you've got a shred of self respect, no.

Of course, the psychology of the loser's sport that is karaoke is that it's inclusive. The fact that several of the world's worst singers have jovially gone up there means that you have to, jerk. It's like being hauled up to dance at a wedding, only worse. Worse because it's all eyes on you, buddy. And then you go up there and blow everyone off stage with your fabulous rendition of the song you love. Do you win? No, you lose out of a combination of the fact that i) they hated your song ("too depressing", "too poppy", "never 'eard of it") and ii) you dared to break the rules of karaoke and actually sang it properly. Loser. That's not in the rules.

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Full SingStar Rocks track listing

Let's all go up the Gorky Park!

Sony has announced the full list of tracks for the latest instalment in the SingStar series - revealing that none other than The Scorpions are topping the bill.

Sony announces SingStar Rocks!

Sony announces SingStar Rocks!

Well, they would.

Sony's announced that the next SingStar package will be rock-themed, with 30 more licensed tracks from the likes of The Killers, Bloc Party, Nirvana and Blur.

It's called "SingStar Rocks!" As is tradition, it'll feature all the correct music videos in the background as you sing along, trying to match your drink-slurred output to the music. It'll be released on PS2 this spring.

Apparently there are "more acts to be confirmed", but Sony's released a preliminary line-up of bands and songs to consider, listed below.

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