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Singstar '90s

Singstar '90s

Party like its 1999. And 1998. And 1997...

I hate Rob Fahey. Not personally, you understand. He's a lovely fellow, well spoken, very clean and he does a lot of charity work with confused dogs. But he has reviewed every new SingStar instalment over the last year or so and, with April's Pop Hits , finally admitted that at this point what we're really doing is reviewing a music compilation on a games website. This is a very shrewd observation, and one that rings loud with the crystal clarity of truth.

It also leaves me with precious little else to say by way of introduction for this ninth (ninth!) SingStar disc, and that makes me cross and a little bit itchy.

For one thing, you'll already know if you're into the whole SingStar experience. A great steaming wodge of readers have probably already skimmed past this link, scoffing about "real games" as they went. Even more will have simply checked out the track listing, totted up the songs they like, and made their purchase decision without once thinking about how that makes me feel.

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