Serious Sam: Double D

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Serious Sam 3 gets Xbox Live Arcade release

Serious Sam: Double D also heading to consoles.

OTT shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE heads to Xbox Live Arcade this Autumn, along with a re-tooled version of indie spin-off Serious Sam: Double D, co-publishers Mastertronic and Devolver Digital have announced.

Serious Sam Double D

Serious Sam Double D

Too serious by half.

Serious Sam has one trick. It's simple, but effective. First it puts a big shiny thing in front of you. "Check this out, Dicky-boy, it's a COLLECTIBLE!" You pick it up, and immediately a hundred monsters spawn around the plinth. You either emerge like Bruce Campbell clutching your prize between clenched butt-cheeks, or reload and pick up the shiny thing again in all innocence. And then, a little way on, you find another shiny thing.

Serious Sam: Double D, a 2D spinoff from the series intended to whip up some love before Serious Sam 3 hits, certainly gets that right. It's a side-scroller with few surprises but one trick, with a fistful of B-movie monsters that get ever bigger and a load of shiny things waiting to be snaffled. Why have one enemy when you could have 15?

Inasmuch as there is deep satisfaction in blowing apart something grotesque with a gun, Serious Sam: Double D delivers - and delivers big. Barring the piddly default gun, Sam's arsenal is serious stuff: rocket launchers, flamethrowers, shotguns, all the fun of the fair at 50 decibels. The sound effects are booming and their effects are messy and immediate - when a shotgun sounds right, the wet explosions feel right.

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