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Rain preview: Japan Studio's other Ico heir

FeatureRain preview: Japan Studio's other Ico heir

The Last Guardian may still be AWOL, but there's another game from Sony's Japan Studio that takes on Team Ico's spirit.

Of all Sony's philanthropic ideals - the all-inclusive approach to indie developers, the generosity of PlayStation Plus and the free packet of French fancies that's likely to be bundled with every PS4 console - there's one that remains unsung. PlayStation C.A.M.P. - that's Creator Audition Mash-up Project, by the way - is a little department within Japan Studio that's responsible for some of Sony's oddest games.

The premise is simple, if a little hard to believe. PlayStation C.A.M.P. is an open-armed initiative that lets anyone with an idea pitch a game to Sony, and if they're successful, to see it through to completion with the assistance of established development talent. It has brought us Trash Panic (something of an unsung wonder itself), sparked off the project that became Echochrome, and recently had its highest profile hit with Tokyo Jungle.

Rain, the latest product, is a little more delicate than last year's rightly adored shagging and scrapping simulator. Perhaps that's down to the make-up of the minds behind the PSN game; Acquire, the developer best known for the soft-spoken stealth series Tenchu, is handling the main duties, but one of the creators was originally a florist.

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