Project Zero 2: Wii Edition

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Project Zero 2 Wii Edition Review

The scariest film I've ever watched is the original Japanese version of Ring. I've only seen it once, but the image of that ghastly woman, with her hair on backwards (beat that, Shoreditch), crawling out of a TV set, is seared forever into my psyche. I looked it up on YouTube just now and physically shivered at the sight of her.

Project Zero 2 is a ghost story of similar visual terrors, with its own reverse-haired apparitions hiding in boxes, spirits with heads hanging loosely from broken necks ready to leap out from shadowy corners, and more screams, moans and groans than a badly-dubbed porno. It is, frequently, chilling.

It is also a series (known as Fatal Frame in the US - much better title, that) which had, until now, completely passed me by, though I was aware of its cult status amongst horror aficionados.

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir 3DS release date

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir 3DS release date

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition dated, too.

Spooky 3DS photography horror Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir will launch in the UK on 29th June, Nintendo has announced.

The Wii version of Fatal Frame 2, or Project Zero 2 in Europe, has also been dated. The surival horror also creeps to Wii on 29th June.

Spirit Camera is a spin-off from Tecmo Koei's Fatal Frame series and uses augmented-reality to set parts of the game in the real world.

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