Project Awakened

"There is a plan": Project Awakened plots a post-Kickstarter course

The Kickstarter's over, but Phosphor Games' superhero adventure may continue.

What happens when a Kickstarter fails? In the case of Phosphor Games, the Chicago-based studio whose superhero action game Project Awakened stopped shy of its $500,000 target earlier this week, they get a call from me, asking a series of fairly insensitive questions. What went wrong? What did you learn? What's next?

Project Awakened: The origin story

After six turbulent years, Phosphor Games' super-powered vision has landed on Kickstarter.

More than fancy boots or crazy powers, the one thing every superhero needs is an origin story: a tale of youthful adversity and the slow, awkward scramble towards triumph. Spider-Man was bullied at school and then bitten by a bug. Batman watched his parents gunned down after leaving Zorro. Captain America... um... let's just say he caught his trousers on a magic nail or something? That sounds about right.