Point Blank

Point Blank DS

Point Blank DS

Definitely not a gross Point Blank.

There will be a minority of people reading who adore Point Blank religiously, their palms still bearing the imprint marks of a long-gripped light gun. And really, no matter what I say, nostalgia is going to win out.

Get yourself Point Blank DS - it will remind you of very good times, and bring a warm smile to your face as you recognise the many levels from the previous releases collected lovingly together. Your decision is already made. This review is for everyone else.

It's been said before, but it can't be said often enough: the reason the DS is great is because you can't just port your game over to it. The PSP is a remarkable machine, replicating near-PS2 capabilities in a handheld device, but still, only replicating near-PS2 capabilities. The lazy developer wishing to port his tinpot cash-in across all systems gets to the DS and goes, "Oh crap." Two screens, one of them a touch-screen, half as many buttons as the average joypad, and no analogue sticks whatsoever - it all means that anyone wishing to develop for it has to use their imagination.

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DS draws a Point Blank

Stylus 'stead of lightgun.

Namco Bandai's doing a DS version of PlayStation lightgun game Point Blank - and instead of using a lightgun to fire at wacky things, you use your stylus to tap them on the screen.