Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Pirates director wants creative madness

Or games become as stagnant as films.

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinksi has urged game developers to "go down dark alleys" and not stick to set formulae, stating that "this is the time for madness".

POTC: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

You are not unique. In a world of six and half billion, individuality is an increasingly rare commodity. You think you're the only person reading this review in your underpants, idly digging out earwax as the sun's rays harshly penetrate the gaps in your threadbare curtains? There's someone doing the exact the same thing twenty miles away. You think you're the first person to add tomato sauce to your ice cream? Well, someone's already written the recipe book. That idea you had for the movie where the grieving inventor downloads his dead wife's soul into a giant robot and embarks on a road trip with his sassy ex-prostitute lawyer and her pet grizzly bear? Even I've pitched that one. You've got an undercover agent hidden in their midst. Guess what? They've got one in yours!

All these synchronous events. Billions of people marching in parallel lines. A little bit unnerving when you think about it. More relevantly, it's also the reason why I'd like to question how two developers working for two different publishers, with presumably no cross-communication, can both produce such criminally poor Pirates of the Caribbean games at the exact same time. Now that's what I call spooky.

Actually, it's probably not that strange. Given that this is another lazy adaptation of another over-bloated summer blockbuster, I don't think we're going to have to search too hard to find an answer. Naturally, the recently reviewed PSP version checks another box on the too-long list of handheld movie licences that belong at the bottom of the ocean, and its bigger brother, too, doesn't last long on its maiden voyage in the disc tray before scraping its hull on the iceberg of criticism. Abandon ship before it's too late.

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UK Charts: Grand Theft Auto bad news for Cars

As in: GTA's on top, Cars is second.

Neither alien invasion nor automotive assault has been able to topple Rockstar's GTA: Liberty City Stories, which retains its lead at the top of the all formats chart for the fifth consecutive week.

Depp to star in Pirates game

Heeere's Johnny.

Stupidly famous movie star Johnny Depp is to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow for the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean game.

Pirates of the Caribbean sequel

Pirates of the Caribbean sequel

Another movie tie-in sets sail.

Fans of Disney's swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will have no less than three gamess to choose from next year, following the announcement that Bethesda Softworks is hard at work on PotC: The Legend of Jack Sparrow for PS2 and Xbox.

The game is based on the original film rather than the forthcoming sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, as movie tie-ins for the next-gen consoles are already in development.

You get to "be" Captain Jack Sparrow - otherwise known as Johnny Depp - as he hacks and slashes his way through a dozen locations. Expect to see characters and environments from the first movie, with plenty of swashbuckling, smuggling, shipwrecks and sword fights to enjoy.

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