Viking RTS Northgard adds giant-summoning Relics and more in big free update

Developer Shiro Games' entertaining Viking-themed real-time strategy, Northgard, has just received a major new content update - introducing, among other things, powerful Relics that can grant serious benefits to your ever-beleaguered clans.

The free update, appropriately titled Northgard Relics, is described by Shiro as the "biggest content update" since launch. Unsurprisingly, the focus is those game-changing Relics, with each clan able to choose between five common Relics and one clan-specific Relic, although only one can be used per game.

Common Relics grant the likes of defence bonuses, feast bonuses, and more for the duration of play - which, while supremely useful, are considerably less spectacular than the clan-specific Relics. These are able to summon such wonders as mercenary giants, massive boars, the undead, and white wolves to do your bidding, which - I think we can all agree - is far more exciting than having a couple more apples for your tea.

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Viking-themed RTS Northgard just got a major free end-of-the-world expansion

Wonderful viking-themed real-time strategy game Northgard has just received a major free update, adding a new apocalyptic map, a new neutral faction, and more.

Developer Shiro Games is calling the new expansion Ragnarok, and existing Northgard owners should have seen it tumble down their internet pipe already by now. Those unfamiliar with Northgard, however, might like a quick intro.

Northgard, both in solo campaign mode and multiplayer mode, is superficially similar to Settlers, insofar as you're tasked with establishing a settlement through exploration, resource management, and expansion. It makes its own mark through some atypical design decisions, primarily in the way that expansion can only occur by colonising separate zones on the map - which in turn, can only house a certain number of new buildings and settlers. That makes for some tough, interesting choices, even before winter sets in.

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