Harvest Moon: Tree of Peace

Harvest Moon dev announces Project Happiness

Harvest Moon dev announces Project Happiness

"Will warm the hearts of gamers both young and old."

The creator of farming sim series Harvest Moon has announced a new game, currently code-named Project Happiness.

Yasuhiro Wada, the father of the long-running Harvest Moon franchise, is developing the title at his new studio, Toybox.

Harvest Moon developer Natsume is also working on the game, with regular Western publisher Rising Star Games also on board.

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Coming Attractions: Strategy and Simulation

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Man on the Moon

Harvest Moon's Yasuhiro Wada on the series' past, present and future.

As Harvest Moon: Innocent Life on the PSP approached European release, we were gifted a rare opportunity to have a few words with Yasuhiro Wada, the man behind the series for over ten years now since its SNES debut in 1996. We gleaned some fascinating insights into the philosophy behind the series, the games' creation over the years, and his experience of game development - and given that his series has been captivating fans old and young on almost every platform released over the past ten years, he's definitely a man worth listening to. We also learn new details about Innocent Life and Marvelous Interactive's plans for the Wii.

Harvest Moon at TGS

Wii version to debut in Japan.

Farm hands rejoice! Marvelous Interactive has confirmed that the Tokyo Games Show will be the launching platform for the latest instalment of its Harvest Moon series, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.