Gridiron Thunder

Gridiron Thunder delayed, goes multiplatform

Controversial Kickstarter title will no longer be exclusive to Ouya.

The Gridiron Thunder saga continues. The controversial Kickstarter funded American Football game has had its release date punted back a month into the endzone of October, developer MogoTXT has revealed.

This is what controversial Ouya exclusive Gridiron Thunder looks like

San Francisco developer MogoTXT has delayed controversial Ouya exclusive Gridiron Thunder by two weeks and released a new gameplay video that shows off the latest build.

Gridiron Thunder launches on 30th September 2013 after MogoTXT decided to add "some more features and polish", the studio said in an update on Kickstarter.

The game is at the centre of a controversy over Ouya's $1 million Free the Games Fund, which pledged to match donations made to Kickstarter-funded games as long as they raised at least $50,000. In return, Ouya wants six months of exclusivity on its micro-console.

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