Football Academy

FIFA 09 Ultimate Team, Football Academy

EA on expanding by using your loaf.

EA has poured serious time and effort into the FIFA brand over recent years, not just on painstakingly recreating the beautiful game, but complementing the package with ambitious online features like Be A Pro mode - where 20 real people each control one outfield player during a match - and Adidas Live Seasons, which each week update player stats to match real-life goings-on.

EA announces Football Academy for DS

EA announces Football Academy for DS

Test your soccer skills with mini-games.

EA Sports has announced Football Academy, the first title it's developing exclusively for DS .

The game will take the form of a collection of "challenges and mini-games that improve football knowledge in a fun and entertaining way", according to the press release. From the look of the screenshots these will be both skill and trivia based affairs, from old favourites like penalties to the slightly dubious looking "guess the badge" scenario.

Whilst EA has stated that players "will take their improved skills onto the pitch to compete against their friends", there is no explicit mention of actual football being played. A match based on managerial skills perhaps? It would certainly seem a stretch to include a full simulation.

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