Flockers review

Flockers review

Violence of the lambs.

The similarities between Team 17's Flockers and Lemmings are as honest as they are obvious. This isn't so much a game inspired by DMA Design's 16-bit classic as a direct sequel, albeit with suicidal rodents swapped out for oblivious sheep.

It's also Team 17's first original IP in over 10 years, those similarities notwithstanding, and while it's great to see one of Britain's last surviving old-school indies breaking out of its Worms-centric routine, it's also slightly dispiriting that the result is yet another retro riff rather than venturing into more innovative territory.

The developer hasn't even strayed too far from the franchise that has kept it in business all these years. Flockers may not be a Worms game, but it is - technically - part of the same franchise. The sheep you must guide to safety in each level are the same ones you deploy in the turn-based strategy series, only here they've broken free before they can be stuffed full of dynamite and shipped off for use in annelid warfare.

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