Motion dismissed.

In an age when videogame names are getting longer and rarely arrive without at least one colon, it's good to see a title as brisk and instantly understandable as FlingSmash. It's a Ronseal kind of title: you fling a ball and it smashes things. And you'll be doing an awful lot of that from the game's start to its finish, a little over two hours later. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Costing a little more than most Wii games, it comes bundled with the Wii Remote Plus the same size as a standard remote, but with the additional precision of the MotionPlus doohickey that came bundled with Wii Sports Resort and Red Steel 2. The upshot is that the new remote is less heavy and cumbersome, and it functions just as well as if not slightly better than MotionPlus not that you can really tell from this game. An hour on Wii Sports Resort confirms that it works just fine. Here? Not so much.

You play as either Zip or Pip, the ball-shaped heroes tasked with rescuing Eesturn and Suthon Island (Whesstun and Nauthon are presumably unaffected) from a badly-designed evil demon thing called Omminus, who has blighted the land by but of course! showering it with large blocks. Zip has handily been kept in a box since the last time this happened hundreds of years before, and your duty is to use him to smash all the blocks and retrieve all the sacred pearls which protect the island's Great Palm Tree.

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Wii Remote Plus gets Japan date

Available in five different colours.

The Wii Remote Plus an updated version of the Wii controller incorporating the MotionPlus add-on will go on sale in Japan on 11th November, Nintendo has announced.

Wii Remote Plus spotted

Motion Plus plus a Wii Remote?

A new Wii controller that appears to be a fusion of the Wii Motion Plus accessory and the standard Wii Remote has popped up on US shop Gamestop's website.