Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

None of the FS98 reviews I can find on the Web, mention The Pixie. He was about so high, wore a beautifully tailored flight suit, and sat atop your monitor or desk while you flew. Every so often he'd hold up a little sign emblazoned with the words 'Fancy a forage?' The first couple of times you might manage to ignore him, but at least once an evening you'd usually find yourself nodding in affirmation. You did indeed fancy a forage.

Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

Something happened to me last night that hasn't happened for around 25 years. No, not that. (It's only been 138 days since that last happened.) No, last night I was shot down in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Back in nineteen-eighty-something-or-other the culprit was one of FS1's dastardly Fokkers (sadly absent from FS2, FS3 etc.) last night it was a gang of rhino poachers in a speeding 4WD. I was trailing them in my Bell JetRanger and foolishly ignored the co-pilot's advice about not getting too close. Result: a bullet-riddled helo, a flaming engine, and an unscheduled landing in the middle of a lion-infested game reserve. Excellent edge-of-the-seat stuff.

It's taken them twenty-odd years, but MS have finally realised that not everyone buys realistic non-combat flight simulations to Sunday-drive Cessnas, and autopilot Airbuses. FSX added a welcome dollop of drama to a staid series, and this official expansion pack continues the good work.

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